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Kalms Consulting supports your European business at all stages: market introduction,
(increasing) competition, growing or changing markets, changes in legislation,
and so on with a straight focus on your success.

Market Assessment

With continuing or post-completion initiatives to secure reimbursement in the German sectorial healthcare environment, the appropriate moment of launching your product in the market must be considered.

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Reimbursement Strategies

We focus on preparing and implementing reimbursement applications in Germany and selected markets thus ensuring that the requirements and submission deadlines of healthcare authorities are met.

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DRG Application

The partners involved in the self-administration process of the German Health Care system – mainly statutory health funds and hospitals – seek competent external advice to improve and optimize the G-DRG based hospital reimbursement system.

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NUB Application

The NUB process allows to obtain short term reimbursement for innovative diagnostic or treatment methods in case the standard hospital DRG reimbursement is insufficient.

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OPS Application

An OPS (Operations- und ProzedurenSchlüssel) is used to appropriately, precisely and unambiguously code for a health care procedure.

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Application for the Medical Aid Catalogue

Medical aids are objects that are required in individual cases in order to ensure the success of an emergency treatment.

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BVL Registration

The Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) is the German contact point for the inspections of the Food and Veterinary Office of the European Commission.

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Early Benefit Assessment

On its way into the market, a medical product must master a steeplechase and reach consecutive milestones before it is regularly reimbursed.

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Public Affairs & Relations

In order to achieve a favorable reimbursement or regulatory framework, public affairs strategies should be an integral part of every market access strategy.

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Health Economics & Business Development

Our experts are constantly recording information on health economics with the aim of creating an individual analysis for different departments with an international focus.

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Extended Services & Event Management

Our extended services include distribution and warehousing in cooperation with our associated partners.

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