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Kalms Consulting provides expert, incisive and hands-on guidance for medical device, diagnostics, biotech, health IT, pharmaceutical and other healthcare companies. Since we are based in Berlin, we are able to support your business success in Europe, by applying our expertise of the German healthcare market and all other key European markets.

We are your gateway to one of the largest medical technology markets in the world. Marco Kalms and his team have over 200 years of accumulated operational and strategic business experience in Europe, including sales and country management, as well as European management and various international leadership roles.

We offer strategic and operational support in the fields of market access, health economics, reimbursement and business development.

Our strong network of qualified associates guarantees full coverage of the areas of consulting we provide – from market assessments, due diligence and regulatory to fulfillment and public affairs.

We are EN ISO 13485 Certified for quality management standard for medical devices and related services to constantly meet customer requirements and applicable legal requirements.

Our strategic business unit, Kalms Operations, provides full logistical support and services on your request.

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Solutions tailored to your individual needs

With your success in mind, we develop tailor-made pathways that match your individual needs. We keep you up to date about relevant changes in the market.

We do not work with standardized concepts – instead we provide you with practical solutions. Our experts take care of your entrepreneurial issues and will develop your projects from strategy to real business.

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Your gateway to the European market

Our network of associated consultants in different European countries enable us to manage and coordinate market access not only in Germany but throughout the whole of Europe. We know the European and particularly the German market and we understand the needs of international companies.

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Germany, the leading market in Europe

Germany is a market that has great opportunities for medical devices. This isn’t just because there are 82 million inhabitants living in a wealthy and aging society, and this isn’t just because of the economic, legal and political stability that exists.

Your opportunities in Germany

There are three more key arguments as to why you should do business here in Germany:

1. Market access is comparably open in the hospital sector. Hospitals are reimbursed for implementing new methods but; on the basis that they are not actively excluded.

2. The German health system is one that is well financed and independent of the State budget. This means that public health funds and private insurance companies have the ability to finance innovative projects and procedures.

3. Germany is a leading market for medical technologies and is also benchmark for reimbursement and pricing. Performing well and demonstrating success in Germany is an important reference point for HTA bodies and customers in other countries.

The German health system may indeed have complex decision-making structures and challenge; such as benefit assessments for certain new methods or changes by the upcoming EU medical device regulation, but this isn’t a reason for you to miss out on the opportunities available to you in Germany. You shouldn’t let this reason to cause you to miss out on the opportunities available to you in Germany. It’s actually a compelling reason for you to make use of the professional advice Kalms Consulting offers; thanks to our qualified and experienced team.


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