additional treatment services

ASV – Outpatient Specialist Care

Patients with severe or rare conditions

Outpatient specialist care (ASV) sums up additional treatment services for patients with severe or rare conditions. Including, for example, gynecological tumors or even gastrointestinal tumors indicated with a particular disease course or cystic fibrosis and the Marfan syndrome; as well as tuberculosis, considered as rare diseases with a special need for treatment.

Within this form of care, the treatment of each patient should be ensured by an interdisciplinary team of physicians with interaction between practices and clinics. Thus, the ASV bundles the services of outpatient contract doctors and physicians in the hospital under the conditions of highly specialized care in the same general conditions and remunerates extra-budgetarily for all service providers.

Federal ASV Guidelines

The Federal Joint Committee has summarized all the important details in specific ASV guidelines. These guidelines also specify the extended treatment of which innovative services that have not yet been included in the collective remuneration are covered. Furthermore, all requirements for participants, equipment and quality assurance are defined.

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ASV Guidance

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