Market Assessment

Planning a Flawless New Product Launch

With still ongoing or after already completed initiatives on securing reimbursement in the German sectorial healthcare environment, the appropriate moment of launching your product in the market must be considered. The key strategic decision about the legal construct of a product distribution or even funding of a legal entity for a local organization must be made.

Another perspective for assessing the local market – beyond its potential for health care – is required. Now structural, the health care related infrastructure especially, demographic, logistical and finally management and personnel questions must be answered and merged with your product’s specific application and service requirements.

Your business plan, which then is built on our pre-commercialization market assessment moves into the final phase and therefore needs reliable facts to build the comprehensive and solid base for your investment into the target market, which finally is fundament for the creation of the return on all your prior efforts.

Unlike other consultants, Kalms Consulting doesn’t end its collaboration with its clients at this conceptual endpoint. At Kalms Consulting, we collected some dozens of man-years of business experience, especially in leadership, management and operational execution of marketing and sales functions for world-class medical device companies. We bring this to the table for you, for purposes of “testing the water” for your product before a final commercialization decision and the investment for it is made. In fact, we also offer our interim management and product distribution capabilities after the launch for bridging your activities until your enterprise is operating self-sufficient and successfully in the market.

The German Healthcare System

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Healthcare History

Historically, Germany is the first country in the world with a social health insurance system based on solidarity. The key principle of a strong payer–provider joint system of self-governance is administered by the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) in 2004, gathering all contributors in the execution of health care for nearly 90% of the over 80 million German inhabitants.

The German statutory health insurance system can successfully manage the expenditure growth limit dictated by social legislation. This capability is result of the centralized maintenance of the reimbursement systems in the two separated care sectors: hospital and out-patient care. While innovative methods with potential to be required for patient’s care can be immediately utilized in hospitals, such methods need to undergo a G-BA benefit assessment before statutory reimbursement in ambulatory care is granted.

In the last decades, the German health system is pushed towards integrated care solutions to overcome sectorial borders and their limitations for acute patient’s care. Meanwhile, evidence-based health care plays a dominant role and will become incentivized with new reimbursement schemes for both sickness funds and providers to improve quality and efficiency of care.

Kalms Consulting owns the knowledge about this systemic context, which is fundamental to define the market access process for innovative products representing an unprecedented theoretic-scientific concept. We are experienced in the execution of required steps before launching a commercial operation should be considered.

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