Interdisciplinary approach

Guideline Analysis

An Interdisciplinary approach to treatment

Treatment guidelines serve to make the consensus on diagnostics and therapy reliable by means of evidence, to avoid lobbying in patient care and to optimize an interdisciplinary treatment approach.
Since 1990, the Association of Scientific Medical Societies (AWMF) and its member societies in Germany have coordinated the preparation and continuous adaptation of guidelines to the scientific state of the art in order to ensure a good medical care as a basis.

Treatment guidelines are therefore also an instruments of knowledge management, which translate applied clinical research into patient care in everyday life. They serve to systematically provide statements that reflect the current state of knowledge and facilitate the decision of the attending physician and his patients for appropriate treatment in a specific disease situation.

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Kalms Consulting team can manage communication activities with relevant medical societies in order to timely discuss the value of an innovative technology.

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The Institute for Quality and Efficiency (IQWiG) or the Federal Joint Committee itself does not develop any guidelines. Kalms Consulting offers to analyze the available medical evidence for a new technology or product in depth and to sort the approach into the current state of the art treatment given by the medical guidelines.

Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Healthcare – Official Website

This essential analysis will provide a company with a high quality value dossier which can transparently show a technology’s benefit in any payer discussion, application strategy, general product rollout or even price communication.

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