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DRG Application

The process for structured DRG proposals

The partners involved in the self-administration process of the German Health Care system – mainly statutory health funds and hospitals – seek competent external advice to improve and optimize the G-DRG based hospital reimbursement system.

On their behalf, the InEK institute is leading and executing a structured dialog to acquire proposals, to assess their potential and eventually integrate them in the DRG catalog. Applications should be submitted by qualified organizations or institutions, amongst them foremost the various medical societies and associations.

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A Successfull DRG Proposal SUBMISSION

The proposal contains formal rules to formulate the issue, to enable a structured and swift processing by InEK. During the analysis of the proposal, InEK can inquire on addition information or clarification. The assessment of evidence of a need for a DRG proposal and the creation of the proposal document requires a profound knowledge about the German reimbursement system to maximize the likelihood to be finally successfully integrated.

Kalms Consulting is experienced in practicing this process by liaising with manufacturers and medical societies, in producing the documentation based on our reimbursement analytics and communicating with InEk if we are authorized to do so.

We offer our procedural knowledge on DRG proposal submissions as important element amongst others in your comprehensive market access strategy.

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