Application for the Medical Aid Catalogue

What are Medical Aids?

Medical aids are objects that are required in individual cases in order to ensure the success of an emergency treatment by means of a substituting, supporting or relieving effect, to prevent an imminent obstruction or to compensate for a handicap.

Product Quality Criteria

A list of all permitted and reimbursed medical aids is compiled by the GKV-Spitzenverband in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions and updated on an ongoing basis. In principle, the costs for medical aids can only be covered by statutory health insurances if specific medical aids are listed in this medical aid list (HMV).

The HMV is thus a positive list which also specifies criteria for the quality of the products. Although the list of instruments arenot binding in the legal sense, it does have a significant market-steering effect and defines the quality and criteria each product needs to meet.

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The Medical Aid Catalogue (HMV)

In the HMV, products are assigned to different product groups according to their application areas. Products are placed in the list at the request of the manufacturer (or third parties authorized by them) if they meet all predefined features and quality characteristics.

Successful Market Access

Kalms Consulting offers a two-step approach; Firstly, the assessment of the relevant medical aid category and the application requirements and secondly, a respectively performed application in a second step for your successful and well-prepared market access.

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