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Kalms Consulting offers to assess your new medical technology/ product
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§137h Consulting and Guidance

New Treatment and Diagnostic methods (NUBs) often require additional funding above the established DRG level for standard of care hospital methods.

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ASV – Outpatient Specialist Care

Outpatient specialist care (ASV) sums up additional treatment services for patients with severe or rare conditions, according to guidelines published by the Federal Government.

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ZE Application

The procedure to submit a supplemental fee (Zusatzentgeld = ZE) is part of the regular annual DRG-system update process.

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Guideline Analysis

Treatment guidelines serve to make the consensus on diagnostics and therapy reliable by means of evidence, to avoid lobbying in patient care and to optimize an interdisciplinary treatment approach.

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§137e “trial regulation”

The objective of the §137e “trial regulation”was to enable the G-BA to support the generation of high level evidence for benefit assessments of innovative diagnostic or treatment methods.

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§87 SGB V Application

All new medical methods that are covered by the statutory health insurances in Germany in general have to be evaluated previously by the G-BA (Federal Joint committee).

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Selective Contracts / Integrated Care

The German healthcare system has two comprehensive Reimbursement systems, one being the DRG-Catalogue in Hospitals, the other being the EBM-Catalogue for the outpatient sector.

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The pharmaceutical registration number (PZN) is the national identification key for products sold in pharmacy division according to the declaration of obligation, in particular according to § 131 Abs. 4 SGB V; excl. individual imports.

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