Operations- und ProzedurenSchlüssel

OPS Application

What does OPS mean?

An OPS (Operation and Procedure Code) is used to appropriately, precisely and unambiguously code for a health care procedure which could be a surgical or an interventional treatment, a diagnostic or imaging procedure or a pharmaceutical treatment in hospitals as well as an ambulatory surgical procedure.

Obtaining Adequate Reimbursement

This precise description of a method is key for obtaining adequate reimbursement for a method and thus its required medical devices. It is especially important for differentiation from similar but different competitive methods which may have a dissimilar cost structure.

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Annual Updates

The OPS catalogue is updated annually by the DIMDI. The deadline for OPS submissions to DIMDI is the end of February. A successful application leads to implementation in the subsequent year.

Individuals or health care institutions attaching a support statement from a medical society or a medical society can submit to DIMDI. Based on an own OPS-code the costs associated to a new procedure in a hospital treatment can be reported to the institution (InEK) that is annually adjusting the DRG based reimbursement system.

Strategic Recommendations

Kalms Consulting provide strategic recommendations on OPS and linked reimbursement strategies (DRG, NUB or ZE), based on reimbursement objectives and careful analysis of the existing OPS and DRG context. In addition, Kalms Consulting support all steps needed for successful OPS-submission as preparation of OPS-drafts and alignment and coordination of submissions with medical societies.

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