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Early Benefit Assessment


On its way into the market, a medical product must master a steeplechase and reach consecutive milestones before it is regularly reimbursed; and the first patients will benefit from its clinical utilization. Thus, it goes without saying that companies and their investors need to mitigate the risk of such a market development endeavor with hopefully very precise estimates on the stages of the specific market access process.

Strategizing is as much needed as tactical execution, permanent revision of the status and flexibility to change are all required. Keeping a finger on the pulse of the constantly changing, competitive and market, environment is also required.

avoiding unnecessary costs

It’s a fact that companies often miss their ultimate objective or reach it only with avoidable delay and by burning extra cost; if they don’t balance the focus of their objective with a panoramic view on the business they are in or want to enter with the new product.

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Strategy Assessments

Kalms Consulting offers such a 360°view capability, by adding foresight to the keen insight of the client. In particular, early strategy assessments for the potential and benefits of medical products and concepts becomes increasingly important; especially if performed in advance of the execution of related strategies.

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This includes the definition of development phases of the regulatory and reimbursement strategy, and the milestones for allocating funding support for new technologies.

Kalms Consulting cultivates the analytical methods for early assessments of medical devices and keeps them up-to-date for its clients.

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