The roadmap to a company's goals

Business models and plans

The foundation of every commercial venture is a business model that sets out what value or benefit is created for the customers (value proposition), how this value is created (business structure), how money is earned (revenue model), and which people are being brought into the team for this purpose (entrepreneurial spirit).

The business model is the heart of the business plan, providing a written roadmap for achieving the company’s goals through marketing, financial and operational measures. For both start-ups and established businesses, it defines
the strategy for achieving those goals and the expected performance.

Our offer

Kalms Consulting is experienced in evaluating and providing feedback to companies in the healthcare sector and is well-versed in providing assessments for the following subjects:

  • Is the business model economically sustainable?
  • Is this business scalable?
  • Are there synergies within the business model that can be used?
  • How are the opportunities for growth in this business?
  • Is there a significant number of potential customers and care providers interested in the business or product offered by the company?
  • Are there regulatory, market access or reimbursement obstacles in the health care sector that would impact the business model?

The detailed outcome of our analysis will be integrated into the big picture of the comprehensive business plan to foster the success of the company or start-up.

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