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Due Diligence

Due diligence (DD) is an iterative process that raises and clarifies critical issues to avoid a major risk to any business interaction: the information asymmetry between potential business partners. To close the knowledge gap, a strategic and comprehensive performance- and compliance check of the acquisition targets is elementary.

Thus, the exercise of DD in business transactions must be ensured by careful analysis among others of the regulatory, market access and reimbursement strategy of a company or start-up.

Kalms Consulting has in-depth knowledge of the healthcare market (medical device, In-Vitro Diagnostics, Biotech and Health-IT and cross-over products), of market access and regulations and can therefore bring a unique additional perspective to the DD analysis that is often performed by merger and acquisition (M&A) specialists like equity research firms, fund managers, individual investors, risk and compliance analysts etc.

Our Offer

Kalms Consulting supports companies in the healthcare sector in a competent and practice-oriented manner. This enables us to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the respective products/innovations in their specific healthcare context and to optimally assess the risks and opportunities of the upcoming M&A transaction.

Kalms Consulting offers to lead or support existing competence teams in DD processes with expertise, especially with regards to market access, reimbursement, regulatory, clinical, and operational activities.

Components of the DD evaluation are:

  • Market dynamics
  • Reimbursement levels and current status (DACH and other)
  • Regulatory strategy and compliance
  • Key opinion leader analysis
  • Mayor competition in the respective market
  • Achievability of the business plan
  • Potential to create value

A holistic gap analysis of the current state of regulation, market access and reimbursement is concluded with the development of strategic and tactical tasks to be implemented. Whether in its whole or only in parts, Kalms Consulting dynamically adapts the DD analysis to the customer’s needs.

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