The Kalms Model of Innovation

Analytics – Strategy – Implementation – Execution – Continuous Improvement

This is how we define the roadmap to success. The Kalms Consulting team consists of experts with profound operational experience and various backgrounds. Our work does not stop when the analysis is completed and a market access or business development strategy is developed. Kalms Consulting supports their clients with its implementation. We work on behalf of the client; or in close contact with the client’s market access team. Our approach is iterative – unforeseeable circumstances, growing evidence and a changing environment are included in our activities.


Each project starts with an in-depth conference call or meeting with the client; and Kalms Consulting will always ask their clients about their own strategic goals. Whether this is fast acquisition or sustainable growth; our strategy and activities will be aligned accordingly.

For established companies, an outside view of our experts will be beneficial to review and, if advisable, modify the company / product strategy. If requested by the client, we are happy to work with their local experts in close contact.


Having the right market access strategy in place will be an important step, especially for start-up companies, and usually has significant impact on company valuation. Our analysists will review the endpoints of your planned, ongoing and completed clinical studies. Very often, only small modifications make a big difference regarding reimbursement.

Whatever happens on your pathway to success, Kalms Consulting will be your partner and support you from analysis to execution. We will never leave you alone with a big presentation or comprehensive study; but support you in any possible way with its implementation.

Please contact us early enough and we are happy to give advice and share our profound experience.

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