Kalms Group and Intralink join forces to help medtech firms expand globally

Kalms Group and Intralink have formed a partnership to help medtech and life sciences companies expand in the three big global markets of Asia, Europe and North America.

Intralink specialises in driving companies’ growth in the four biggest East Asian economies of China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Kalms Consulting helps firms expand in Europe and North America.

Together, we are now able to support medtech and life sciences companies’ expansion across all these major markets by providing regulatory advice, market analysis, reimbursement and in-country business development programmes.

Gaining access to Asia, Europe and North America is a primary goal for many medtech and life science companies seeking significantly to increase revenues and company valuations. But market entry and reimbursement are complex in these advanced healthcare sectors. A market entry strategy that’s precisely adapted to the requirements of local healthcare systems can deliver significant gains, while ‘going it alone’ without in-country guidance can lead to costly mistakes.

Intralink LogoIntralink has 100 multilingual employees, a 30-year track record and offices across China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, the US, the UK, Israel, France and Poland. With specialised teams on the ground in East Asia, it goes beyond developing market expansion strategies to play a hands-on role in building its clients’ businesses.

Intralink’s clients range from startups to multinationals across the healthcare and life science ecosystems and other high-growth sectors. The company combines a deep knowledge of the regulatory environment with expertise in assessing market opportunities, developing channels, driving sales, facilitating discussions with KOLs and finding manufacturing and logistics partners. It also helps clients, when they’re ready, set up a permanent presence through a subsidiary, partnership or acquisition.

Intralink’s Oxfordshire Headquarter
Intralink’s Oxfordshire Headquarter

The consultancy firm has worked widely across IVD reagents, medical devices and instruments, R&D tools, assays, software, pharma and more.

Its recent work includes helping Spanish biotech firm BioSystems set up in China, and German precision medicine company Molecular Health develop its business across Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, including deals with a large Korean hospitaland a major Korean lab.

“Going it alone” without in-country guidance can lead to costly mistakes.

Kalms Consulting provides expert, hands-on guidance for medical devices, diagnostics, biotech, health IT and other healthcare companies. We support them by applying our expertise in European and North American healthcare markets, acting as a gateway to two of the largest medical technology markets in the world.

Marco Kalms and his team have more than 200 years’ collective experience in Europe and North America. We offer support in market access, health economics, reimbursement, regulatory matters, quality issues, compliance, business development, sales strategy and fulfillment.

Within Europe, our Kalms Operations subsidiary offers Third Party Logistics (3PL) services, from a single delivery of goods to frequent shipments. We consider all regulations required by local and statutory authorities and follow ISO 13485:2016, while our customer service agents speak multiple languages to enhance the customer experience.

Our clients range from early-stage university projects to innovative, fast-growing startups and global medtech corporations.

For queries about expanding in East Asia, please contact Graham Barker from Intralink at For enquiries about expanding in Europe or North America, contact Dr. Stephan Binder from the Kalms Group at

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