European COVID-19 Immigration Restrictions

The European Union’s recent COVID-19 immigration restrictions can be a major obstacle when giving your hospital
clients the required clinical proctoring support they need. Non-European experts could also face trouble when going in and out of the EU. Hospitals also might not be willing or able to start with the procedures needed when using new devices. Because of this, there might also be difficulties in providing the sufficient support and supervision needed by your clinical and training teams. If you are facing any issues in providing the necessary OR support for your products, Kalms Consulting can help you in a number of ways:

  1. Our network of clinical experts is here to support your US-based clinical and training teams with your requested services in Europe. After comprehensive online training in your products and services, our experts will be ready to represent you in all of Europe’s major hospital networks.
  2. If international travel into the EU is unavoidable, we can help you apply for all of the necessary entry permits when possible and give guidance on how to best follow all local quarantine regulations.

We already have a proven track record in supporting many American companies in Europe and we are there to back you through Covid-19 as well.

Let us know how we can support your business in Europe during these uncertain times.

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