Wound dressing definition: the clock is ticking

The GSAV-law has an updated wound dressing definition in force since 15. August 2019. The key is the delimitation between advanced wound dressing, which can be prescribed at the expense of the statutory health insurance without further assessment, and a product class designated as “other products for wound treatment”, which need to undergo an evidence assessment for getting on the positive list Annex Va.

Nurse using Mandates symbolizing wound care

The G-BA, federal joint committee, is further obliged to specify the delimitation defined by the law by 15. August 2020 in a directive. Once the directive is passed and legally approved by the Ministry of Health (MoH), it will go into effect on 15. November 2020, at the latest, unless a controversy between GBA and the MoH leads to an unpredictable schedule.

As soon as the G-BA directive is in effect, a grace period of one year will start in which products formerly considered a dressing but now as an “other products for wound treatment”, will still be reimbursed as dressings. In addition, the G-BA can start re-grouping dressings to “other products for wound treatment” if there is a suggestion e.g. by a statutory health insurance.

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