Marketing Collateral – “Adapting Marketing-Material To Be Up To Date For New Market Requirements?”

The medical device market has become more and more complex in the last decades and it is necessary to constantly adapt to these changes and innovations. Regulations, legal requirements and the competitive business environment make it essential to review and refine marketing activities. For example, documents for internal or external marketing, marketing material or website-content such as:

  • Topics like, formulating and proving claims, proper wording and / or qualified referencing may need to be checked.
  • Material content, like flyers and brochures, may need to be updated, modified or adapted.
  • Brand positioning may need to be reviewed for consequential differentiation and positioning in today’s competitive business environment.

Kalms Consulting GmbH, supported by our partner Erxleben Consulting GmbH, can offer individual support for necessary adjustments and adaption for existing internal and external marketing material, in the areas of our expertise, to help prepare you for the market’s future.

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