US Roadshow: Spring 2019

Marco Kalms, CEO and Dr. Stephan Binder, COO are back home from their successful first roadshow of 2019.

Stephan started in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area; where he had amazing discussions with current, new and potential clients and business partners.
After some productive days, Stephan headed to Minneapolis to team up with Marco for the second stage of our roadshow.
In addition to the daily roadshow routine, they had the pleasure of giving an overview on European Healthcare systems and discussing their differences to the US system at the University of Minnesota. They presented this, together with our partner Edward Black (NAMSA), to the students of the Medical Device Innovation Program.

The last stage of our roadshow was the BIOMEDvice in Boston. Within this trade fair, the MassMedic association held its annual conference “Medtech Town Hall”, where Stephan had the opportunity to discuss the future of the Biomed, MedTech and Life Science industries with Leaders from different fields in US Health Industry. The conference clearly showed that investors now have a more thorough understanding of reimbursement for the products they are investing in. Without a clear strategy for reimbursement in the world’s key healthcare markets, it is significantly more difficult, if not impossible, to receive sufficient funding.

Thus, it is never too early to start talking about reimbursement opportunities. Make sure you are prepared for the next step in your company’s growth.

Other topics of great interest in almost all of our discussions, were the services Kalms Operations is offering for warehousing, logistics and customer service. Due to Brexit, there is a strong and fast-growing demand for such services in continental Europe, and we are happy to support our clients with solutions specifically designed for small and fast-growing enterprises.

Finally, the field of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) is quickly growing, and the upcoming regulations (IVDR) raise concerns amongst almost all the companies active in this field that we spoke with. With a deep understanding of IVD and the regulatory environment, we are prepared to support our clients with all IVD inquiries.

If you would like to receive more information on the topics mentioned above or discuss your opportunities in the German or US marketplaces, please feel free to contact us.

“Thank you to all of our friends and partners who made this roadshow a pleasant and successful experience. We are looking forward to seeing you again soon.”
(Marco Kalms presenting at the University of Minnesota)

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