The new American Division of Kalms Consulting

Providing American firms faster access to the European Health Market

Kalms Consulting is pleased to announce that it is opening two new American offices in the most vibrant healthcare technology regions of the United States: San Francisco and Minneapolis.

Navigating FDA approval can be a significant investment in time and dollars. Executing a dual pathway strategy via the European market can provide a streamlined opportunity that quickly allows manufacturers to jumpstart revenue gains, develop a strong health economics story, and aggregate additional clinical data needed to successfully gain approval in the U.S. The European market is also an attractive target for well-established companies looking to expand beyond their native country.

Kalms Consulting enjoys longstanding relationships with small, mid-cap and large, US-based medical device, biotech, biopharma and life science clients who continue to benefit from broadening their revenue pathways in Europe. Establishing permanent offices in the United States to better serve existing and future clients made perfect sense. The Kalms Consulting team is comprised of experienced and highly qualified experts who deliver affordable, data-driven solutions to clients worldwide. The U.S. division will specifically focus its efforts on market access, strategic business development, technology assessment and market analysis while working in concert with their European counterparts.

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Marco Kalms brings in various skills from over 20 years of operational, strategic and reimbursement experience in leading positions of the medical device industry. He has deep experience being a former Sales Manager, Country Manager in Germany and as Managing Director Europe during American Medical Systems` high growth years. In 2012, Marco founded Kalms & Partner Consulting, specializing in European market access for international medical device companies. Marco provides personal specific expertise in market access, strategic approach, market assessments, reimbursement and product launch strategies.

Marco Kalms

CEO Kalms Consulting

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