Market Development

Dipl.-Ing. Hans Jäger

Hans Jäger knows the medical technology industry very well. Over the past three decades, he has gained valuable insights from a variety of sales, marketing, science and business management perspectives. In multiple national and international roles, he was responsible for campaigns, product launches and market development for the biggest innovations in the field of active cardiology implants (implantable pacemakers, defibrillators and cardiac monitors).

In addition to leading and managing marketing and sales teams, Hans’ focus is on developing mid- and long-term strategies for establishing therapies in the marketplace. He devotes himself to market development in a particularly structured and sustainable way and can build on his extensive knowledge and network.

As a biomedical engineer, Hans knows the challenges in the healthcare market on the one hand and product development on the other hand and understands how to bring both expectations together effectively. Through his wide experience, he is also familiar with all the potential obstacles that go along with the life cycle of products at every stage, be it in the context of clinical trials, product launches, follow-up concepts or reimbursement.

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