Head of Kalms Operations

Gerald Schröder, MBA

Gerald Schröder is team member and partner for finance, financial consulting and customer service. For more than ten years he works in accounting, financial consulting, establishing business plans and calculation of market access models in different branches.

For Kalms & Partner he is head of the finance department, consultant on calculation of market access models and specialist for operations. There he can help our clients through special questions of customer service, VAT taxation, import and export processes, customs regulations, payroll accounting, accounting, warehousing, expiration date management and other operations fields. He is also working in the field of out-patient care.

Since 2007 he is CEO of the cooperating distribution company TCB – Technology Consult Berlin GmbH. You can find more information on www.tcberlin.net.

He is a native speaker in German, fluent in English and has considerable knowledge of Russian.

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