Market Analyst & Health Economics

Dr. rer. nat. Benjamin Schulz

Dr. Benjamin Schulz is our expert for bio-physics, medical technology, market analysis and strategic business development.

He has been working for companies from the renewable sector as well as medical technology companies as a Strategy and Technology consultant, being responsible for evaluation of new products and technologies as well as market analysis. Moreover, he had the responsibility for selecting new, innovative hardware and software.

Being a manager for a team of 50 people, for whom he developed new processes and best practice solutions, he gained leadership experience.

As an independent consultant, he has many years of experience in strategic business development.

He holds his Ph.D. degree in physics, in the fields of optics and bio-organic systems. During his studies, he acquired fluent English language skills.

Since he was working in an interdisciplinary field of science, he is highly skilled in explanation complex topics to different target groups.

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