Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacists, Drug & Device Approvals Expert

Dr. pharm. Maren von Fritschen

Dr. Maren von Fritschen is our consultant partner for Regulatory Affairs. She has more than 15 years broad expert knowledge in the Healthcare sector with considerable experience at executive level, working for a range of pharmaceutical enterprises, ranging from small and medium sized entities to global acting big companies. Her main expertise is Regulator Affairs, Regulatory Policy and Regulatory Intelligence. Dr. Maren von Fritschen emphasis lies on analyzing and predicting European legislation with impact on the Healthcare sector. She is a passionate and dedicated networker, bringing her negotiating skills to the table. Her profound knowledge and media expertise make her a reliable representative for all dealings with the regulatory authorities and other relevant boards.

Dr. Maren von Fritschen is a pharmacist by training and holds a Ph.D. degree in natural science. She is a native speaker in German, fluent in English and Portuguese (Brazilian).

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